Business Field

Export Agency Business

– Sales of plant equipments & systems manufactured in Korea

– Equipments & systems are qualified by KOEN

Overseas R & M Business

– Improvement of efficiency and performance for aged conventional power plant

– R&M Business Development & Implementation


*R&M : Rehabilitation & Modernization

Import Agency Business

– Distributor and Agent of Foreign manufacturer

– Promote and supply advanced technology to KOEN

Subsidiary Business

-Support vendor registration of SMEs

for overseas market

– Development of Renewable energy

(Solar, Wind Power, Etc.)

Exporting Pilot Program
No Installed
Product End-User End-User
1 2014 Plant Lifecycle Management Kuwait Doha West Power Station
2 2015 Multi Axial Hydraulic Shock Absorber Indonesia Janamanjung Power Plant
3 2016 Optical Fiber Temperature System Indonesia PJT PLTU Muara Karang Power Plant
4 2017 Dust Collector Japan Rubber & Chemicals Factory
5 2018 Packing & Gasket for Valve Indonesia Valve Manufacturer Factory
6 2018 Pulverizer Fire Monitoring System Indonesia Lontar Power Plant
7 2019 Conveyor Idler, Pulley U.A.E AK Sugar Plant
8 2019 Smart Vedio Analysis System Kuwait Doha East Power Station
9 Ongoing Project Furnace Inspection Image Device (FIID) China Unsettled
10 Ongoing Project Burner Nozzle Japan Unsettled
Major Market