G-TOPS Co., Ltd. is a general trading company which was established for the shared growth of small business, and the development of plant industries in Korea by the public enterprise Korea South-East Power (KOEN) and 16 small businesses.To enhance the export performance and abilities of SMEs (Small & Medium-sized Enterprises) that are qualified but having a difficulty in exporting themselves, KOEN* (Korea South-East Power Co.) and the HBA* (Hybrid Business Association) decided to establish an especial company that will focus on exporting SMEs’ materials and equipment for power plants. Through the agreement between KOEN and Myungpum Global Holdings (the SMEs federation), a special purpose corporation G-TOPS was incorporated as a business entity and started supporting SMEs.
Brief history
Company name G-TOPS Co., Ltd. [Global Trade Of Power System]
President Yang, Se Seung
Business Address 803, L-Tower, 17, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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G-TOPS Major Achievements

Export of domestic plant materials & equipment

– Accumulated export sales amount over USD 18,000,000

Laid the groundwork for domestic SMEs

– Established G-TOPS’ own network for the export

– Accumulation of bidding know-how

– In-house data with more than 2,000 quote

Secured domestic manufacturers

– Cooperation with SMEs more than 300

– Proper matching-up to meet the clients’ needs